Script Analysis

Our Script Coverage service provides (1) a detailed written report of the breakdown of your screenplay (like a Hollywood movie review) and (2) an outlined checklist that assesses the effectiveness of the following components:

  • Concept
  • Premise / Theme
  • Story Structure
  • Plot
  • Character Development
  • Dialogue
  • Writing Style
  • Pace / Tone
  • Marketability
  • Recommendation

Unlike other Script Coverage services, we don’t claim to be experts by bragging about how many years of experience our story readers have working in the development department of a major Hollywood studio or top talent agency (ie CAA, ICM).   

Instead, Innovative Content utilizes a diverse team of readers composed of experienced and award-winning screenwriters, authors, directors, producers, and other creative/technical people heavily skilled in film and television production.

As such, our story analysts and script consultants tend to focus their attention on the analysis and repair of screenplays intended for independent (low to mid budget) productions.