Logline & Synopsis


A logline is a one sentence written pitch, always in present tense form, that clearly defines what the film or tv show is all about. Using the main story as a guide, our loglines succinctly and accurately convey what the core of the story is about.

A successful logline should follow the protagonist's journey, his or her major goal and conflict/obstacle.  We often define your protagonist by divulging their profession. And we always use strong adjectives to describe any of the characters.

Elements Of A Logline
  •  A Subject
  • An Adjective
  •  A Verb
  • An Action
  • An Outcome


A query letter is a succinct one-page letter that includes the one-sentence logline, a one-paragraph script synopsis, one paragraph about your background, and one paragraph inviting the addressee to read your script.

As such, the Query letters we prepare will have that punch guaranteed to entice any Hollywood agent, producer, production company, or studio executive, all of whom read countless query letters daily, to want to read your screenplay asap. We ensure your enthusiasm and passion about the project shines through in the query letters we draft for you.

Our query letters serve three main purposes:
  • Opens the door to establishing a relationship with a Hollywood agent, producer, production company, and/or studio executive
  • Requests permission to legally submit your screenplay to that Hollywood agent, producer, production company, and/or studio executive
  • Creates a paper trail, which ultimately provides a written record of everywhere your screenplay has been submitted in the event there is a dispute over theft of ideas.

One Sheet

A one-sheet is a one page written pitch comprised of the film’s title, premise, and synopsis. Ironically, our one-sheet is similar to that of the query letter. We start off with the attention-grabbing logline, followed by a wonderfully written summary of your core story. All of which is printed on your company letterhead.